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We're here for you

Empowering your health and happiness

We’re a community of experts who offer a dynamic range of mental health care and support that flexes with your personal needs and goals.


We know it can be difficult to meet the future with confidence when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. And because all of us experience life differently, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our role as confidante, advocate and support is a true honor. We’re united in common purpose: empowering you to be healthier and happier. You deserve the kind of care that helps you feel confident about who you are and optimistic about where you’re headed. That's why we're here.

How we started

Doug Hapeman and Matt Milford met in the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Enrolled in the same computer science classes, they’d hunker down in the library to study. In between working out academic problems, they’d have thoughtful conversations about how to work out problems of a larger scale and impact. Which is how they realized their shared passion for improving access to and elevating the quality of mental health care—challenges faced by so many throughout the country.


And so began their journey to create an organization that would help address not only access to mental health care, but how to make it more affordable. How to offer a better experience for those seeking it—including building a digital platform to support care, and hiring talented therapists and providers. And how to lessen the stigma for those seeking help.

Meet Doug and Matt

Foresight’s cofounders share their passion for improving access to mental health care, why it matters to them personally and how they’re building a better model.


Our core values

We’ve always been guided by our values, since the earliest days of Foresight. And as a growing organization, we wanted to make sure they were accessible to all of our team members. These six values are both our guides for the day-to-day and aspirational as we expand our reach.


Foresighters, as we affectionately call our employees, are truly a diverse and inspired group. They approach their work with equal parts drive and empathy, know how to ask for help and give it freely, and embrace the opportunity every day to help connect people in need with the support they deserve.

Cultivate positive mental health

We support you.


Cultivate transformation

It takes a team of decisive champions to fight the stigma around mental health.


Cultivate transparency

Being open and honest fosters collaboration, trust and communication.


Be intentional

Stand with purpose and be bold in what you believe.


Be inclusive

Representation matters; celebrate the differences of others. 


Be proud

What you do here empowers people.

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