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We’re here to guide you on your path

Taking care of your mental health is a personal journey, and you deserve the kind of support that helps you feel confident about who you are and where you’re headed.

​We’re a full-service mental health care organization offering traditional therapy and other types of treatment for conditions such as anxiety and depression to best meet your wellness needs and goals.

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And open up access to care

We take insurance. Not everyone does, but we believe mental health care should be accessible—and affordable. To that end, we’re expanding our insurance partners every day.

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And we’re expanding our reach across the U.S., with a nationwide effort to care for more people. Our clinician team is growing every day, and if we’re not yet in your city or state, chances are we will be soon.

We’re glad you’re here

It’s a big step—being willing to put in the work on your mental well-being. No matter what you’re dealing with—be it feeling anxious or depressed, childhood or adult trauma, anger or grief—we’re here to hear you as an advocate and support, and to empower you to be healthier and happier. It’s good to meet you—exactly where you are.