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With you, on your journey

How can we help?

Here at Foresight, we offer full-service therapy. We meet with you, person to person, to listen and understand. By understanding where you’ve been, we help you feel confident about where you’re going.

We don’t use text-based therapy or our digital platform as a substitute for one-on-one time with your clinician. We do, however, offer support through our client portal to help you on your journey.

Our evidence-based outpatient services are provided by licensed mental health professionals who have extensive experience in a variety of specialty areas and approaches. Some of the conditions or issues we can help you with include anxiety and depression, trauma and grief, anger and stress, and relationships.

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Individual therapy for adults

We provide space and guidance for you to develop and realize healthy goals around how you relate to the people and situations in your life. We offer Telehealth sessions and in-person/hybrid  appointments in select locations.

Couples therapy 

Through these sessions, partners learn and develop healthy relational and communication skills to strengthen the relationship. 

Family therapy

Our clinicians work with family members to help set healthy boundaries with one another while also developing solid communication skills in order to connect. 

Child and adolescent therapy

For children age 17 and younger, we offer treatment that’s focused on navigating emotions, communication and relationships. We work creatively through talk and play therapy approaches.