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out of the darkness suicide prevention awareness walkers

September . . . Reflections about Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

By Caiti Crum, VP of Therapy at Foresight Last week a friend and I were on a six-mile run along the Embarcadero, a stretch of land that curves across the crest of the San Francisco peninsula and rolls under the Bay Bridge, also home to the Ferry Building, which hosts a world-renowned farmer’s market on

A teen girl on the phone.

Talking with Teens about Mental Health in an “Always On” World

Tweens and teens are on a constant rollercoaster of emotions, and the hormonal changes don’t help the situation. Most parents can vividly remember their own teen years and what that time was like, but they didn’t have the challenges today’s kids deal with. In this always on world, too much communication can be damaging to

A man having an anxiety attack.

What Are Anxiety Disorders and When to Seek Help

It is safe to say that everyone experiences stress or anxiety in their life occasionally. It could be preparing for an interview, waiting to hear about anew job, giving a presentation to peers, or simply meeting a new group of people. That kind of stress can test your skills, and anxiety is normal and actually

Food guide chart.

Nutrition Plays An Important Role In Your Mental Health

At Foresight, we understand that nutrition is an important part of your total well-being. Our own Registered Dietician Jingle Lee encourages you to “eat the rainbow”! Visualizing the rainbow as you eat throughout the day can help you to incorporate a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your diet by choosing a variety of

a lady on tele health therapy session.

When should I See a Mental Health Professional?

These days we seem to live with continuous anxiety, and many of us think it’s the “new normal.” Are you constantly down? In the course of a week, how many days are good days vs not so good? If you are sad or depressed most days, maybe you should find out why and get some