Experts in the field

Our team of psychiatric specialty clinicians consists of psychiatrists, who are medical doctors; psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, or PMHNPs; and physician assistants, or PAs. All of our clinicians are trained to assess, diagnose and treat psychiatric conditions and symptoms.

What we do

Our psychiatry team is extensively trained in assessment, diagnosis and medication management for treatment of psychiatric disorders. We’ll assess your symptoms to see if medication is right for you. If it is, we’ll provide you with education and options.

Although all of our team members are able to provide brief supportive therapy and typically incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy elements into your visits, their time with you is intended for symptom management and medication assessment.

Most clients seeing us for psychiatry benefit from working with a therapist as well. Foresight has a robust therapy team, and we’re happy to set you up with one of our therapists.

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A holistic approach

Medication management is just one piece of your overall mental health care. When and where possible, we’ll connect you with additional support within Foresight—including therapy and nutrition—that can help you get where you want to go on your wellness journey.