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Current events are affecting everyone in a variety of ways. While taking care of your physical health is key during this time, so is taking care of your mental wellness. That's why we are happy to offer this event free of charge!

Niki Berkowitz, LMFT and Lauren Ellis, LMFT will be offering a series of workshops covering different aspects of mindfulness techniques and practices. These mindfulness exercises have been scientifically found to be the key element in stress reduction. These practices will help you stay focused on what you have control over in these turbulent times. All are welcome to join.

These sessions are free! Feel free to join in as many as you would like, but registration is required to obtain the needed Zoom link to attend these workshops.

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While the holiday season can be met with joy, it can bring up many challenges for others. Join us to discuss techniques to manage stress, boundaries, self-care, and practice compassion during this time of year.

December 7th & 14th


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