Wai Wai Vicky Chan, LMFT

Wai Wai Vicky Chan, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 46323

CA Telehealth

I believe having a life balance is one of the keys to maintain a healthy well being, however, it is not easy because we have many life challenges. My role as a therapist is to work with you collaboratively in order to address your needs, to guide you in understanding how your past experiences shape your present self; to help you in identifying your thought patterns and emotions that affect your behaviors; and to coach you so that you are equipped when dealing with different life challenges. By working as a team, you will eventually be able to restore the balance and maintain a healthy well being.
I use a client-centered approach to work with my client. I provide a safe environment with nonjudgmental stand in order to joint with him/her. Once my client's treatment goal is formed, I work with him/her as a team so as to achieve his/her treatment goal. I use an integrative approach to help my client understand how his/her past experience shapes who he/she is; and use DBT and CBT techniques to help him/her to be aware of his/her thought and emotion, change his/her thoughts pattern/emotions and leads to behavioral change. The ultimate goal to help My client to be able to manage his/her stress and be able to maintain emotional stability in their daily life.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mood Disorders
Gambling Addiction
Codependency Issues
Relationship Issues
Women's Issues
Stress Management
Life Transition