Laura Guyn, LMFT

Laura Guyn, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 120979

CA Telehealth

In her work with clients of any age, Laura Guyn honors the journey that has gotten them to this point and supports them in understanding it, in order to heal and work through whatever is in the way of them moving forward. She makes sure all her clients know that, as long as we're working together, they are not alone and there will always be a space for them in the world.
Through her ability to hold space and support healing, Laura works with clients to support them in seeing and knowing their value. She works with each client by sitting with their story and creating a container that aligns with their needs. “Each person's needs will vary and present themselves in unique ways. With this in mind, I like to focus on 3 overarching goals when working with any of my clients.” Laura supports her clients in growing their self-awareness (their responses, reactions, feelings and triggers), working on their sense of self (feeling confident or at peace with who they are) and on their ability to set boundaries. These skills can support a person in learning not only how to create, but hold their own container for growth and healing beyond our time in therapy.
When a client enters therapy, Laura supports them in understanding that they got to this place in life honestly. She strives to do her client's story justice by letting them lead and showing her what is most true for them. “If I can support them in finding what their truth is -- through building their self-awareness, sense of self and boundaries -- I believe there won't be anything that they cannot find the strength to work through. Healing speaks to the most tender parts of each of us -- should we allow it and be open to it -- and in doing so, allows us to grow and heal beyond the fears that are holding us back.”
Laura has a lot of experience in working with children under 10, and finds that this work can be a powerful way of healing and preventing transgenerational trauma. “When working with children, I get the opportunity to support them and their parents in learning how to ask for, create, and at times, repair a family container.” “My experience with a variety of therapeutic settings and clientele, as well as my own lived experiences, inform my approach to therapy. I have also been fortunate to learn a variety of approaches and tools along my own journey as a therapist. Throughout the pandemic, I have attended multiple training sessions to hone my telehealth skills when working with children. I have found success in keeping them present and engaged while in session during these challenging times.”


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