Jacob Lapides, LMFT

Jacob Lapides, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 104773

Santa Rosa, CA


I am a Holistic therapist who likes to focus on healing an individual from all aspects including mind-body wellness. I bring an eclectic skillset of many different therapeutic approaches and orientations so that I can use different techniques to find the best approaches and interventions to help and support whoever I am working with. I pull from my wealth of knowledge, experience (both personal and professional), and training to support the individuals I work with. I have a huge heart, am very compassionate and empathetic, and care very much about every person on this earth and I truly want the best for others. I have worked with many different people in different settings and feel that my style works well for most everyone. I have expertise in working with trauma and helping individuals process past experiences and how those experiences continue to impact them at this moment. I identify practical steps individuals can take to heal themselves and set themselves up for success. I have years of experience working with individuals who experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar disorders, and even with psychosis or schizophrenia diagnosis. I believe that my authenticity, honesty, and direct approaches help individuals feel safe with me and help to build trust and rapport so a strong therapeutic relationship can be built quickly so that the deep or heavy work can begin as soon as possible which can lead to relieving of issues in a timely manner.


Relationship issues
Thought disorders
Mood Disorders
Interpersonal relationship
Family functioning
Parenting challenges