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Dr. Zohaib Haque

Dr. Zohaib Haque

LIC NO. 92501

Decatur, GA

In Person, Telehealth

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and after graduating from Woodward Academy for high school I made the decision to enroll in the 6 year medical program to expedite my goals and provide care for my community. After graduation I pursued research in Neuromodulation for Treatment Resistant Depression published abstracts and posters until transitioning to General Psychiatry Residency at The University of Missouri in Kansas City. I then pursued a fellowship in the specialty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry where I developed a focus in the psychiatric management of medically ill children along with a focus in Autism.


Dual Diagnosis
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Suicidal Ideation/Thoughts
Psychosis and Schizophrenia

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