Amy Watson-Clancy, LCSW

Amy Watson-Clancy, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LIC NO. 1912670639

Sacramento, CA


I have provided therapy to adults for 5 years and I am currently licensed to practice in California. My experience is primarily in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help adults from diverse backgrounds cope with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, health issues, aging, relationships, and low elf-esteem. I offer a collaborative and supportive partnership based on respect and empowerment. In a warm, non-judgmental environment you will be able to talk freely about sensitive or problematic issues in your life and gain perspective, insight, and skills to help overcome these challenges. I place emphasis on balanced self-care, compassion, developing awareness, and aligning with your values. I am committed to creating a safe supportive relationship for those who have experienced any form of discrimination, hate, or violence. I welcome members of the LGBTQ community and avoid making assumptions about how others experience themselves within our larger society. Now that you have courageously signed up for therapy, I look forward to meeting with you to take the next step.


Mood Disorders
Chronic Pain
Adjustment Disorder
Life Transitions
Personal Growth
Aging Concerns
Anger Management Issues
Chronic Illness
Foster Care Issue
Job Stress
Physical Disability