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Alan Trachtenberg, LCSW

Alan Trachtenberg, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LIC NO. 149.017036

Chicago, IL

In Person, Telehealth

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker that has clinical experience working with adults who have been dealing with adjustment, anxiety and/or depression resulting from events that have included life transitions involving loss of loved ones, stress from family caregiving; changes in career, living and medical conditions. My therapeutic style is collaborative and empathic, with the goal of creating a therapeutic trust where clients feel safe in discussing their struggles and working towards their goals. I value direct down-to-earth communication where the client and therapist understand each other. I use an eclectic therapy style with clients to utilize what works best for them individually. Some of the basic orientations I utilize are Relational, Narrative and Psychodynamic approaches, also Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Mindfulness. To me, the overall goal of therapy is to help clients understand their thoughts, feelings, and reactions, and assist clients in healing/growth; with the goal of creating a more satisfying life. I consider myself fortunate to be able to bring to bear my experience and training in this professional role.


Adjustment Disorder
Aging Concerns
Chronic Illness
Chronic Pain
Coping Skills
Compassion Fatigue
Elderly Persons Disorders
Family Caregiving Stress
Family Conflict
Highly Sensitive Person
Job Stress
Life Coaching
Life Transitions
Peer Relationships
Personal Growth
Political Climate
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem
Veterans/Military Service
War Trauma
Workplace Concerns
Physical Disability

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