Wendy Vitalich, LMFT


Sherman Oaks

Wendy is a direct and caring therapist with boundaries and her clients know that. She has been told that she is warm, kind, non-judgmental, trusted and that she is easy to talk with. She knows what it feels like to be heard and validated and she offers that to her clients along with her clinical intuition and knowledge. She likes to give tangible tools and strategies so her clients can actually practice new ways of reframing or to build their self-esteem. She feels that she is helping people find new ways to be more fulfilled and joyful in their lives. She loves to witness the changes in her clients when they try on for size a new mindset or positive what if's instead of the negative mind chatter. She offers assertive communication skills for empowerment in a non blaming aggressive way. She feels that she walks her talk and a very interactive therapist with her clients.

She works with families, individuals, couples, children, adolescence and teens and collaborates with clients towards their goals using therapeutic methods that best fit. She is very empathetic and compassionate and she knows that a client won't open up unless they feel emotionally safe to do so. Work with all ages and recognize that what people want is to be heard and understood and accepted for who they are using evidence-based therapy, solution-focused and client-centered therapy. She also leads with a more humanistic approach as well as educate the client on CBT and how automatic thinking is a habit of thought and can be reframed for a better and happier life. She offers tools and solutions and collaborates with the client towards their goals.

Child, Adolescences, Teens
Life Coaching
Self Esteem
Relationship Issues


Sherman Oaks

15233 Ventura Blvd, Ste 500, Sherman Oaks CA 91403

(747) 877-8155