Veronika Szava, LMFT


Palo Alto

Veronika a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in treating depression and anxiety, stage of life issues and interpersonal challenges within a broad age range of clients and post-partum depression-related challenges. Furthermore, she has an extensive background in treating substance use/abuse related problems. She has an undergraduate degree in social studies from Eger, Hungary and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University, CA.

If you are a parent, you may worry when you know something is wrong with your child.  Most children do not have the language skills to express their worries; they struggle to cope and suffer in ways that cause their parents to be concerned. In these struggles, they become overwhelmed and express their troubles through difficult behaviors at home and at school. Veronika helps parents to listen and respond in new ways to their child, which helps them with their troubles that interfere with their schooling and cause troubles with peers.

Anxiety Disorders
Co- and Parallel Parenting Counseling
Play Therapy
Postpartum Depression
Short-term Psychoanalytic Work


Palo Alto

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