Tim Flaharty, LPCC



Tim Flaharty is an existential counselor who focuses on finding meaning in life's struggles. He tends to be drawn toward clients who have a desire to develop a deeper sense of understanding about themselves and their relationships with others. Through this understanding, he hopes to help his clients create a plan for a fulfilled life.

Initially, Tim and you will explore patterns of thinking and behavior, and identify the client's motivations behind behaviors that do not support them in a healthy way and then will develop a reasonable plan for addressing the thoughts and behaviors, in a collaborative manner. Finally, you and Tim will discuss ways to develop motivation for the new behaviors, follow through with short-term goals weekly, and monitor for change.

The most powerful skill a counselor may provide for clients is being present with them when they are working through life's challenging moments. In his career the greatest achievements occur when you feel that he truly understands you. Through this understanding, he hopes to help walk with you through the painful moments, which may lead to a richer life overall.

Substance Abuse
Motivational Interviewing
Personality Disorders
Grief and Loss
Person-Centered Counseling
Anger Management



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