Tiffany Williams, LPCC


Downtown LA 2

Tiffany Williams is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She offers a welcoming, empathetic, and thoughtful approach while working with her clients. Tiffany strives to create a collaborative and safe space to heal and process. She has an honest and authentic approach to therapy which includes accountability to and from her clients, and ownership of self- identified concerns and goals. She values the importance of having a therapeutic relationship. Tiffany supports her clients by providing education, coping strategies, grounding techniques, goal setting, and skill building to help you feel knowledgeable and empowered while in therapy. She recognizes that each person has their own struggles and experiences unique to them and she tailors therapy based on the needs of each individual. Tiffany is a culturally sensitive therapist that has a niche for multicultural clients and families that are in need of a non-judgmental space to share their stories and begin the healing needed to correct individual or family struggles such as; infidelity, betrayal, marriage and family, depression, self-esteem, communication, rebuilding/building, life transitions, feelings of hopelessness, and or professional development.

In light of our current cultural climate and issues related to the current pandemic it is important to have a strong competent therapist that can assist you with navigating these unique life circumstances.

Tiffany specializes in evidence-based practices such as CBT and DBT, Mindfulness while also integrating creativity and a realistic approach to your therapeutic journey. She has supported individuals, couples, children, teens, families and adults in connecting to their emotional experience and identifying areas of growth.

Tiffany has extensive knowledge of the principles and techniques of mental health counseling and she is someone who can talk to people about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. She is committed to providing her patients and their families with compassionate care, and giving comprehensive, recovery oriented mental health support services.

Marriage therapy
Infidelity/ Betrayal therapy
Cognitive Behavioral therapy
Sex therapy
Marital / Premarital
Anxiety disorders
Mood disorders
Couples Therapy
Coping skills


Downtown LA 2

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