Sarah Laws, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 117009


Both personally and professionally Sarah Laws has a lot of experience reframing change into something desirable:

“Personally, I am a military spouse, and as such move often. I develop friendships only to leave them behind or transition them to long distance. I know the struggle of family being unable to support in many ways current society frequently expects of spouses and extended family. I have seen this constant need to always reframe, always find the positive, always see the ways this current struggle can help one grow, both in myself and my family, but also in my clients as I’ve worked with many military, first responders, and their families. I believe these experiences have forged in me an ability to see and reflect insight in ways others may miss. As such, I also hold a firm belief that good can be found anywhere, in any experience, and that sometimes we may just need another to help us find, or create, that light we’ve missed up until now. How we look at our situation, and our role within it, is sometimes more important than the situation itself. This person-centered, positive psychological approach drives me to meet my clients where they are, no matter where they are in their journey.”

Sarah blends this mindset with various clinical techniques, theories, and approaches depending on what her client resonates with to best help them throughout their exploration of self and goals. Sarah believes in treating the whole person, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, as each person needs and desires.

Adjustment Disorder
Veterans/Military Service
Anxiety Disorders
Adolescent Issues
Life Transitions
Crisis Intervention



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