Niki Berkowitz, LMFT


SF FiDi - 111 Pine

Niki Berkowitz, LMFT is thrilled to join the Foresight Mental Health team. Niki has been working for over 15 years in Community Mental Health with youth and families. She has extensive experience supporting clients with school, college, probation and other various systems. She also had a private practice before moving into leadership roles. She has always worked with an extremely diverse population in terms of race, culture, class, sexual orientation and spiritual/religious affiliation. She is committed to addressing the themes of systemic oppression. She is honored to focus her time and energy supporting individuals of all ages; children, teens, adults and elders and continue her work with families. She was trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist and still believes in working with creative interventions when appropriate. She has a strong spiritual practice and is a regular meditator. Mindfulness practices can be very healing and supportive with growth while navigating the challenges of busy modern lives particularly with the complex stressors of the pandemic. At her foundation, she believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship and is committed to meeting each client where they are both to support, collaborate and challenge them to bring their best selves forward. She also has extensive experience working with clients dealing with recent, historic and/or generational trauma and grief and loss. She will work closely with her clients to make the best of their telehealth experiences.

Individual Therapy
Child/Adolescent Therapy
Expressive Arts Therapy
Women’s Issues
Mindfulness Meditation
Family Therapy
Child Abuse
Trauma Focused
Racial Identity


SF FiDi - 111 Pine

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