Kassandra Palmas, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 117250


Kassandra Palmas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who focuses on integrating culture with therapy to provide compassionate and holistic care to her clients. She utilizes an eclectic therapy approach, incorporating a range of therapeutic techniques and modalities to individualize treatment. Her specialties include eating disorders, anxiety, depression, identity, trauma, and cultural issues among many others. Through her work with diverse communities and populations ranging from adolescents to older adults, she has gained a unique sensitivity and awareness of the silent processes that often maintain inner turmoil and enjoys working with all backgrounds.

Having come from a multiculturally complex background herself, Kassandra is passionate about assuring that your therapeutic journey incorporates all facets of yourself to cultivate not only insight but clarity, acceptance, and self-compassion. She has gained experience working with a variety of populations and socioeconomic backgrounds, including underserved minorities within the Hispanic and Asian communities, children and adolescents, adults, and immigrants. She understands how difficult therapy can be but ensures that you have the nonjudgmental space to explore experiences safely and find methods for coping, accepting, and healing from them. She is dedicated to cultivating a healthy mindset towards the body and compassion towards the self. Through her dedication she focuses on cultivating resiliency within clients to enable them to ultimately break free from their struggles and live the full lives they desire.

Eating Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Adjustment Disorders
Coping Skills
Relationship Issues



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