Howard Goodman, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 46896

SF FiDi (465 California)

I am a licensed psychotherapist and addiction specialist. Since 2010 I have treated hundreds of individuals and conducted thousands of groups teaching people how to stay sober. My decade of experience with those in recovery has given me an increased sense of empathy, urgency, and purpose to my work.

I am also the author of “The Staying Sober Handbook” a comprehensive guide to long-term recovery. It brings together the best science, research, and evidence-based practices of the last 25 years into an easy to understand, Step-by-step approach to sobriety, health, and Wellness. My Best-Selling book brings fresh, actionable ideas to fight against addiction. I am a frequent blog contributor and public speaker, and I advocate for increased public awareness, education, and community-based participation in the fight against the disease of addiction.

Drug/Alcohol Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Substance Abuse
Men's issues
Mood Disorders
Life Management


SF FiDi (465 California)

465 California St, Ste 470 San Francisco, CA 94104

(415) 578-9287