Danny Meadows, PhD


San Jose

Danny Meadows believes that each person has a unique purpose. Life presents with situations where depression, addiction, anxiety, eating too much, eating too little, low self-esteem, and no self-identity can distract a person from finding this unique purpose. He likes to explore a variety of issues that keep you from experiencing your purpose in life and help you find your meaning and make sense of that meaning. Meaning is found in building a deeper relationship with yourself knowing your authentic self and expressing yourself genuinely and authentically. If you are struggling to find your authentic voice and speak with clarity and power or you are struggling with finding your path in life due to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and you are ready to take responsibility for your life, therapy can help.

Danny and you will work together to determine what your goals are and determine what you can do to achieve those goals. His goal is to understand the way you see the world and help you make sense out of it in a way that helps you make choices based on new insight. He believes in helping you discovering your own meaning in the midst of whatever challenges you are currently facing and living through those challenges with a sense of empowerment that you have the ability to change.

Mood Disorders
Highly Sensitive Person
Eating Disorders


San Jose

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