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Chay Tanchanco, LMFT



Chay Tanchanco, LMFT, is incredibly passionate about working with people on the development on their self-esteem, relational skills, and emotional well-being, especially in light of the changes in our culture around digital and social media. She has worked with youth from ages 2-17 in various settings over the last 10 years. Before becoming a therapist full-time, she worked as a school counselor for 3 years in a K-5 elementary school. Her interests have brought her to diverse populations in high need communities. She is also an advocate for social-emotional education at any age and wants to work with adults seeking self-awareness and healing their developmental wounds. She believes in self-empowerment as the most effective and rewarding path to mental health and continuous growth. She adapts many methods to work with the strengths of her clients, using solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), media, art, music, spirituality, writing, reading, and technology to access their creativity and interest. She is also a HeartMath Certified Mentor, a biofeedback program which can help you gain body and brain awareness for changing behaviors and regulating stress and anxiety.