Barbara Wong, LMFT


LA - Downtown

Barbara Wong is a CBT centered therapist with perspectives in humanistic psychology. She believes in each individual's efforts in their journey to fulfill their potential and true selves. Each individual has their own struggles due to their unique life experiences. She intends to provide unconditional regard to you and your experiences while addressing the triggers of your struggles and discussing healthy coping skills. She hopes to alleviate the mental health stigma of reaching out for mental health support when needed to promote healthy emotional management.

Barbara will work with you on identifying your strengths and visualizing ideal outcome from attending therapy. She has a background in working with a variety of client groups including: family, children, individual, groups, and parents. She is also bi cultural and able to provide additional support in understanding cultural barriers to treatment. She likes to use worksheets and other visual aids to help clients better understand their triggers. She is also comfortable using motivational interviewing and self reflections to help clients explore different perspectives of their thought patterns.

Coping Skills
Family Conflict
Self Esteem


LA - Downtown

777 S Figueroa St, Ste 810, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm​


(213) 443-6222

Fax: (510) 756-0812


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