Ann Marie Salazar, LMFT


La Jolla

Ann Marie Salazar believes that the start of change is through self-awareness. Being aware of triggers from past wounds may guide people at a conscious level to explore an understanding of what is occurring at their unconscious level. Unconscious memories from past wounds can at times control and influence someone's current thought patterns, emotions and behaviors. Processing past wounds in therapy may give you more control over problematic cognitive, behavioral, and emotional patterns. She believes that people are doing the best that they can do with what they have learned.

Change and creating new adaptations can feel threatening, unfamiliar, frightening and manifest anxiety. Just know that you are not alone! Her role as your therapist is to bring your old coping skills and maladaptive thought patterns which are no longer as effective to your awareness, while making the process of change and development of new adaptations a nonthreatening experience. For many, therapy is a new unknown experience. Her goal of therapy is to work with you in meeting your goals and placing herself in your shoes. Each session is conducted at your pace and your own growth. Ann Marie provides her patients with a safe place in which they can share their vulnerable thoughts and feelings when exploring past hurts and resentments that stem from their family of origin without any criticism and judgment.

Domestic Violence
Personality Disorders
Testing and Evaluation
Mood Disorders


La Jolla

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