Amanda Rizo, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
LIC NO. 8037

Long Beach

I am passionate about inspiring my clients to embrace and allow their wellbeing. The short-cut to happiness is the deliberate intention of only feeling good. I help clients cultivate authentic relationships in their lives; both with themselves and others. I provide a safe environment for clients to explore their true selves. I guide clients in mastering the process of creating their own reality and can guide them in seeing the powerful beings they are. I support my clients in living enriched and empowered lives. I will join clients in inspired co-creation of their well-being. Life can be easy, fun, and blissful!

Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Eating Disorders
Substance Use
LGBTQ+ Issues
Codependency/Attachment Issues
Sexual Abuse
Family Conflict/Relationship Issues
Sports Performance
Dialectical behavior therapy


Long Beach

100 W Broadway, Long Beach CA 90802

(562) 513-2888