Adrienne Schultz, LMFT


San Jose

Adrienne Shultz’s professional development is grounded in psycho-dynamic and attachment-based approaches; She partners with clients to help them tap into their undiscovered strengths, draw out generational resiliency and develop their unique interests towards healthy individuation from societal and familial pressures. Adrienne helps clients examine their belief systems to support re-imagining and creating beliefs and coping strategies better suited for the challenges they are experiencing. She approaches the therapeutic relationship with authentic compassion and an unconditional lens to help clients find their voice, tell their story and define personal goals; she believes a client is a once whole person that has been fragmented into hurt parts. She sees her role as one of partnership in bringing the client back to their truer being of wholeness and wellness. Adrienne relies on clinical and personal experience in my practice; utilizing humor and creativity to tailor my approach to each person and meet clients where they are at. Her experience both personally and professionally has led to a keen understanding of persons impacted by societal challenges, intra-psychic schisms, and generational cycles of conflict and dys-function. Adrienne is adept at helping clients navigate the medical, academic and legal systems that can impede wellness; at all times she utilizes a holistic perspective to understand their lived experience and support them through systemic oppression, generational trauma and formative relationships.

“I believe in the innate capabilities of my clients; through positive and negative life experiences we develop awareness and resiliency that can at times be challenging to tap into. During the process of therapy, I support clients in finding those strengths to cope with obstacles as well as re-create a life that better represents their true self. The therapeutic relationship is based in trust, collaboration and skill-building towards self-actualization and away from stagnant and negative cycles of dysfunction.”

Women's Issues
Trauma/ Trauma Informed
Attachment Therapy
Life transitions
Dual Diagnosis
Grief and Loss
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Art Therapy


San Jose

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