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Passion in the Midst of a Pandemic

Updated: Apr 3

by Joanne Ricketts, LMFT

​Who knew some individuals would discover their passion in the midst of a pandemic? That is an absurd proposition.

When things are at their worst, people discover their purpose AND their passion?

The "normal" way of life chugged along like the little engine that could. People working at jobs with hopes that it will turn into a career. Students studying in hopes of an Ivy League acceptance letter.

Now, humanity is fighting a global war that traditional weaponry is powerless against. Rather, the arsenal for this seemingly relentless battle is face masks, hand sanitizer, hospital gowns, scrubs and gloves. The most effective weapon is social distancing. This battle has taken over our normal way of life, which came to a screeching halt.

With time on our hands, some individuals may reflect on their life goals, career aspirations, educational dreams, parental roles, personal partners and interpersonal desires. A life now absent of mind-filling activities, obligations and responsibilities may lead a person to ask, what is my purpose in life? Am I on the right journey?

What really is my passion?

Passion, similar to many words in the English language, has various meanings. Passion is rooted in the Latin word "pat'ior" meaning to suffer. Swiftly transport passion to the 21st century to discover an opposite meaning; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object or concept.

In the midst of silence and uncertainty, envision a life lived with passion. Instead of creating artificial intelligence, shape young minds for critical thinking. Replace practicing corporate law with advocating for social justice. Move away from producing processed foods and towards more sustainable environments. Risk leaving a mindless and dead-end job to pursue a meaningful career.

Whatever your heart’s desire, passion churns and yearns for fulfillment in the midst of a pandemic.


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