Making a Difference at Foresight

8:12 am: The first slack of the day pops up on my phone as I’m sitting on my yoga mat, stretching after my run (but mostly lying down looking at my schedule for the week). Foresight is a big Google Suite user and my Google Calendar is my guide for each day. Almost all of our different tech apps integrate with GSuite, which is incredibly helpful and efficient.

8:38 am: Computer is open and brain is mostly open for business! As my laptop and monitor light up, I see that various Slack channels already have 13 notifications. Every Monday, I post a completely random fact on the #random channel (On this day in 1877, a catcher's mask was first used in a baseball game). Most of my teammates share pictures of their fur babies (pets), actual babies, plants, or funny memes

9:00: Our Talent Acquisition team holds a short check-in meeting on Monday mornings, just for 10-15 minutes, to share updates or goals, and get excited for the week! Paul, our Director of TA, notes the prior week’s accomplishments and spotlights a couple of our recruiters.

11:30am: On my third cup of tea (not coffee, because Keri, our company’s nutritionist, is helping me resolve stomach sensitivities. Side note: Foresight employees receive 2 free nutrition counseling sessions) after a couple of Zoom meetings. Our team meetings typically begin by laughing about which new background someone has chosen, what mug I’m drinking out of (I have a collection), or other banter. One of my favorite parts about Foresight is the people I work with on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I’d be friends with my colleagues, even if we didn’t work together.

1:30pm: All-hands meeting! Our leaders share updates across the different departments, from software to operations. Every week, one of our therapists shares a member success story, reminding me how deeply proud I am to be part of an organization that is truly helping people each day.

4:15: After a couple hours of focused work time, I head out for a 15 minute walk around the block before the last bit of work for the day. Naturally, working at a mental health company means that the wellbeing of employees is of utmost importance. I personally enjoy a couple brief walking breaks or reading breaks throughout the day so that my eyes can be off of a screen!

6pm: Time for our once monthly, 30-minute Talent Acquisition team trivia night! I love, and am horrible at, trivia. Each month, I create a ridiculous deck of trivia facts about the TA team and two unrelated topics (this month: dancing and sleeping). This time is specifically dedicated to talking about non-work related things. It is so much fun to enjoy a virtual happy-hour with colleagues/friends.

Reflecting on my day-to-day at Foresight, I’m incredibly grateful for the company’s people and the purpose. Considering that we spend more than one third of our waking hours at our jobs, the folks who we work with make a huge difference in how those 8+ daily hours are spent and are enjoyed. Foresight’s vision, purpose, and culture wholeheartedly align with my own personal values and I am proud to be a contributing member of this team.

Author: Annie Marggraff, Head of Talent Sourcing

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