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Additional treatment and support

Other services

Sometimes, you need additional care or treatment to help you move forward on your path. Alongside therapy and psychiatry, we offer Spravato and transcranial magnetic stimulation as well as nutrition support.



Spravato is the brand name of the intranasal form of esketamine and is approved by the FDA for severe, treatment-resistant depression. This treatment is meant to supplement an oral antidepressant in order to further improve symptoms of depression.


Spravato may be an appropriate course of treatment for individuals who have tried multiple oral antidepressants from different classes and did not have an adequate response or could not tolerate the side effects.


We’re currently administering Spravato at our Berkeley and Oakland offices in California. For more information or to schedule, reach out to or 888-588-8995.




How well you nourish your body can have a significant effect on your mental health, which is why we offer nutrition support and dietary coaching.


Our specialists will help you identify foods and eating habits that may be impeding your health and replace them with practices that are harmonious to your body and mind. Through assessments and testing, we develop a personalized nutrition plan intended to help you succeed over time.


Good nutrition isn’t just about managing weight: it affects your energy, mood, sleep, and even pain and inflammation. We seek to target the areas of most concern to you, so you can find your path toward better well-being.

For more information or to schedule, reach out to or 888-588-8995.