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Foresight Neuropsychology 

Neuropsychologists specialize in understanding the relationship between the brain and behavior.  

Our neuropsychologists provide comprehensive evaluations of cognitive and behavioral symptoms. These assessments can provide diagnostic clarification, identify patterns of strengths and weaknesses, and offer treatment recommendations for patients, other medical providers, and schools. Examples of conditions that may benefit from assessment including traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, attention disorders, neurological diseases, and autoimmune conditions.

A typical evaluation includes a review of your psychiatric, medical, and educational history and with consent may include conversations with others in your life including parents, teachers, and peers. Testing covers cognition and behavioral areas such as:

  • Learning & Memory

  • Attention & Processing Speed

  • Abstract Reasoning

  • Intellectual Functioning

  • Executive Functioning

  • Language

  • Visuospatial & Visuoconstructional Abilities

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Mood and Personality

neuropsychological assessment 2

The results of a neuropsychological assessment can be useful in identifying details for the big picture of your psychological, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive health.


Are You Covered?

We actively work with insurance companies to make sure our patients are covered no matter what. To view the current list of insurance companies that we currently work with, go to the Insurance Page.


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