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Ashley Al-Bezergan, PharmD

Why mental health matters to me: Similar to the experience of many others, I've witnessed the toll that mental health issues can have on individuals, families and communities. From friends and loved ones struggling with anxiety and depression, to colleagues experiencing burnout and stress, I've seen how these challenges can impact every part of a person's life. Through my personal experience with mental health support, I have realized the lasting positive effects it can have on someone's overall well-being. I am honored and excited to be a part of a company creating real change in mental health care and Foresight’s mission of improving access to high quality mental health care. Focus at Foresight: I have the pleasure of collaborating with our Clinical and Operations teams in order to continuously advance the delivery of exceptional mental health care services. My role is to ensure that our patients and clinicians' experience at Foresight is characterized by excellence, compassion, and efficacy. Whether through developing innovative solutions, refining workflows, optimizing our service offerings, or improving clinical outcomes, I am committed to driving Foresight's mission forward. Previous work experience: Before joining the Foresight team, I had the privilege of leading a team of pharmacists and technicians at one of Oklahoma's largest pharmacies. My career path has encompassed diverse clinical and pharmaceutical settings, allowing me the opportunity to develop as both a clinician and a leader. Through these experiences, I have gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges and complexities that come with working in the healthcare industry. Whether it be managing a high volume pharmacy, providing patient care in a clinical setting, or leading a team of healthcare professionals, I am committed to providing exceptional care and have a passion for improving outcomes for both patients and clinicians.



Bridgette Werner, LCSW

Why mental health matters to me: Individuals close to me have been diagnosed with mental health disorders. Witnessing the stigmatization of mental health led them not to get the help they needed immediately. I wanted to help better myself by recognizing early signs of disorders and gain a greater understanding and compassion for those affected. I believe mental health is all about how we think, feel, and act in our lives...we are all affected by it. Taking care of our mental health is vitally important because it can affect every aspect of our lives, from relationships to family to friends to our productivity in life, work, and school. I believe everyone has the right to access mental health care and believe we need to destigmatize mental health, not just normalize it. Focus at Foresight: I have the privilege to work closely with our Clinical Leaders, providing guidance and direction with improving therapist performance for the best clinical care. I serve as one of the key liaisons and communicators between the clinical team and other teams at Foresight, which helps drive consistency and standardization across programs with adherence to company standards and systems. I carry a smaller caseload of clients to continue building on my own clinical skill set. I love having the balance of clinical and leadership responsibilities. Previous work experience: I have had many wonderful and fulfilling experiences I am proud of. In my early days, I worked as a preschool teacher and continued working alongside children, adolescents, and their families as a Certified Child Life Specialist in hospitals. I became a Social Worker years later, working in the hospital and hospice systems. My experience as a Social Worker in inpatient behavioral health units led me here to Foresight. I have sat with individuals and their loved ones in the darkest of times, if it was with parents/legal guardians with a hospitalized child on life support, an individual saying goodbye to their loved one for the last time, or an individual who volunteerly admitted themself into the hospital because they were experiencing suicidal ideation. My desire became strong to assist individuals, who at times have felt alone in their journey, before they were hospitalized as their last option for support and care.



Caiti Crum, LMFT, CT

Why mental health matters to me: I believe that mental health care is a human and civil right. I’ve experienced and observed what occurs when people are not heard, understood or protected—and the impact that has on their resilience and capacity to love themselves and others. People in our country are living with the confluence of the destigmatization of mental illness and the compounding of multiple collective traumas—from community violence and systemic oppression to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and health care inequities— and seeking support and validation.  Focus at Foresight: I’m deeply dedicated to our mission—I believe everyone should have rapid access to affordable, high-quality mental health care. In order for us to achieve this objective, Foresight contracts with insurance companies around the country to ensure we’re meeting the needs of each community. Our strategic partnerships and employee assistance program (EAP) provide additional paths of entry into Foresight’s services.  Previous work experience: My work as a teacher and experience with community organizing and advocacy drew me to multiple domains of mental health care. I’ve worked in inpatient facilities, started and managed a crisis residential facility, family therapy center and private practice, and managed a variety of programs within community mental health care, predominantly with people coping with severe mental illness. My clinical work in private practice focuses on thanatology—the study of death, grief, dying and mourning. I teach a course on aging and long-term care at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, and am a member of the board of directors for the Green Burial Council. I’m currently working on my doctorate in anthropology and social change at the California Institute of Integral Studies, with a focus on health care providers, immigration and remittance economies.



Doug Hapeman

Why mental health matters to me: People close to me have struggled with the challenges presented by the current mental health care system—in particular, stigma, lack of access and limited treatment options. Improving people’s well-being is the most important problem I can help solve, as it has a significant impact on quality of life. Focus at Foresight: My time is spent largely in clinical innovation and technology, working with our teams to improve outcomes and deliver an outstanding client and clinician experience. Previous work experience: I studied electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, before founding Foresight. 

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Greg Serrao

Why mental health matters to me: My commitment has always been to improving access to care—whether medical, dental or behavioral health. I’ve successfully built organizations focused on both the quality of care provided to patients and the quality of care taken in tending to organizational health. I’m excited for my role with Foresight as we embark on a new leg of our journey here. Tens of thousands of clients—our patients—rely on us for care, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on their path to better mental health. Focus at Foresight: As CEO and Executive Chair, I’m working to ensure we continue offering affordable, exceptional mental health care that’s covered through insurance. We’re focused on clinical excellence and strengthening our position in the states we’re already in. And we’re committed to nourishing our team members and flourishing as an organization.     Previous work experience: In addition to my role here at Foresight, I serve as president of Colony Care Behavioral Health in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I also serve as interim CEO and member of the board for LearnWell, a mental health support organization in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I founded and am a board member for Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care, a national home care services provider for medically fragile children. I also founded American Dental Partners, Inc., and served as CEO, president and director there for 20 years. I currently serve on the board of directors for the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality, and also serve as a senior advisor to Amulet Capital Partners. I’m a former president of the Boys and Girls Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts; a former member of the dean’s board of advisors at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine; a former member of the dean’s advisory board at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and a former member of the finance committee for the Town of Andover.



Jessica Vadovicky

Why mental health matters to me: I’ve always had a passion for the mind—how fragile and resilient it can be. It took me years to realize that the draw of mental health stemmed from my own personal experiences and struggles with it. I also witnessed disparities in being able to find help for those who needed it most while working as a registered nurse (RN). Seeing these disparities further fueled my desire to be an advocate for mental health. I’m passionate about psychiatry, specifically, because I believe as a discipline it has a long way to go, and I want to be at the forefront of making a difference in the field and lives of others. Focus at Foresight: My role is to grow and develop the psychiatric team and services, while discovering innovative ways to make Foresight the best place to be a psychiatric clinician and for someone seeking psychiatric services. I also have the pleasure of working with other departments to realize the organization’s vision and purpose. Previous work experience: As an RN, I worked in the neurology unit of a large teaching hospital, where I discovered that my passion lies not in the brain, but the mind. From there, I pursued further education as a psychiatric nurse practitioner while working at a residential treatment center for children and adolescents suffering with eating disorders. After obtaining my master’s degree and nurse practitioner license, I worked in outpatient private practice, teaching at a university and at an inpatient psychiatric unit before finding my way to Foresight, where I fell in love with the culture and mission.



Julio Quiñones

Why mental health matters to me: The Foresight mission is personal for me. Some of the most important people in my life have struggled with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and mood disorders, and I know the pain of losing someone to death by suicide. During my journey, I’ve run into the very same roadblocks that many of our clients have—trying to find high-quality care covered by insurance—and want to be a part of the solution. I want to help drive the conversation forward so that mental health loses its stigma and is valued on par with physical health. Focus at Foresight: I have the pleasure of working with our Clinical and Operations teams to evolve the delivery of mental health care, and to ensure our clients and clinicians enjoy a best-in-class experience. Previous work experience: I served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer of a home health and hospice organization focused on delivering exceptional service and empowering local teams. Prior to that, I helped DaVita Inc. establish a strong international footprint as their Vice President of International Operations and Development.



Matt Milford

Why mental health matters to me: Mental health is a deeply personal interest of mine. I’ve had a number of very close friends who’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and trauma. Seeing the many challenges within the current system—including difficulties with access, affordability and quality of care—is what motivated me to start Foresight. Focus at Foresight: I’m focused on our purpose: empowering people to be happier and healthier. To accomplish this mission, I’m working with our incredible team to open up access to affordable, exceptional mental health care across the country. Previous work experience: Founding Foresight has encapsulated my entire career since taking time off from the University of California, Berkeley.



Paul DePanicis

Why mental health matters to me: I’ve always had a passion for health care. My mom is a registered nurse, so I grew up witnessing the physical care and support she provided her patients. The importance of mental health to me in two words: my family. I need to be present for my wife and kids, both physically and mentally. I cannot effectively do this without being in the right mental space. Over the past two decades, the world has experienced significant events that have propelled the need to destigmatize mental health. I believe caring for our mental health encourages the world to not suffer in silence.  Focus at Foresight: I’m honored to lead recruitment efforts across the organization with a passionate team of professionals. My team has the unique responsibility of sourcing, screening and selecting top talent to join us in our goal of broadening access to affordable mental health care. Previous work experience: Prior to joining Foresight in March 2021, I served as a recruitment leader for more than a decade, including at a national recruitment process outsourcing organization and a national health services organization, as well as with a small staffing business I started. Foresight is my first venture in mental health and combines my passion for health care recruitment with a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. 



Valerie Roth, LMFT, CCTP

Why Mental Health Matters To Me: Growing up, I saw that many people grew up in situations where they were invalidated and taught either intentionally or by accident that their feelings were irrelevant. I wanted to assist people in working through the damage that occurs when acceptance and validation are missing. I saw how members of society reacted when others were struggling with painful emotions. It was apparent to me at an early age that well-being was elusive to those who struggled with their emotions. I continue to be passionate about mental health because the stigma continues, people continue to suffer, and learning to believe in oneself is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can achieve in life. Therapy makes a difference. It is often in the small ways that we connect, intervene, and validate others that healing begins. Focus at Foresight: As a Director of Clinical Performance, I design, develop, and oversee clinical performance systems across the company. I also drive continuous improvement and accountability for clinical standards. My role is to ensure that clinical services are provided in line with key performance objectives and clinical excellence. Guiding others and tying their work directly to the organization's mission is a responsibility I take seriously. Providing leadership and inspiring others to grow and do their best work is incredibly rewarding and a meaningful part of my work at Foresight. Previous work experience: My background includes multiple areas within the mental health field including program development, quality improvement, performance management, and strategic initiatives. I have led programs in community mental health, residential treatment, outpatient services, a family therapy center, the foster care system, and programs for people with severe mental illness. Additionally, I served as Secretary on the OC Committee for Persons with Disabilities. My background prior to working in mental health was as a senior Human Resources professional with domestic and international experience in fast paced startup environments and high growth organizations.

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