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Treniss Roberts, LMFT

Telehealth Available

LICENSED IN: California

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Challenging, Empowering, Versatile

I honor and respect the opportunity I have to help my clients recognize their worth, build trust in themselves and others, and empower them to be their authentic selves.

I use a client centered approach while working to build rapport with clients. I use a mix of ACT, CBT, DBT, Solution focused and MI to assist clients in understanding their values, recognize the impact their unhelpful thought and behavioral patterns have in their lives, build psychological flexibility, increase distress tolerance, mindfulness and relaxation skills to help them meet their goals.

I enjoy working with all ages, particularly transitional age youth. I have also enjoyed my work with active duty military, middle aged adults, and duel diagnosis (substance) clients, both civilian and active duty military.

I have had extensive experience work with foster youth including youth that are on probation. This work solidified my passion for being an advocate for collaborative care, I played a pivotal role in facilitating Child and Family Team Meetings, ensuring that every voice was heard and valued in the therapeutic process. My ability to connect with youth and families alike has earned her a reputation for creating spaces where individuals feel understood, supported, and equipped to overcome challenges. My passion for collaborative care carries over to my work with adults were I include the client’s psychiatrist, PCP, and family to help the client meet their goals while building a better understanding, acceptance, love, and self compassion for themselves.

Lic # 144546

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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