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Sasha Ramos, LMFT

Telehealth Available

LICENSED IN: California

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Collaborative, Empowering, Warm

What keeps me going in mental health work is wanting to be there for our community, providing support and understanding when clients need someone to lean on emotionally. I hope to create a safe space where people feel comfortable talking about anything, knowing they’ll get the support they need. My goal is to make a real difference by giving people the freedom to speak up confidently. My approach in therapy is a client centered approach. I like the philosophy that as a therapist we are here to guide clients to become a better person of themselves and be able to thrive. I enjoy working with teenagers, young adults, and would love to have the opportunity to work with adults.

What I love most about being a therapist is being that reliable support for clients, where they feel safe to open up and share their experiences. One highlight for me is traveling and exploring different cultures, which helps me understand and connect with my clients better. Growing up in a first-generation Hispanic family has shaped my ability to empathize and connect deeply with others.

Lic # 142502

Mental Health Therapist

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