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Lynn Newman, LMFT

Telehealth Available

LICENSED IN: California

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Collaborative, Empowering, Holistic, Non-judgmental, Open-Minded, Solution-Oriented

I have worked in multiple healthcare environments throughout the course of my careers. In every setting, with every role, I have found without addressing all aspects, factors, and complexities of our constructs as humans (biopsychosocial | environmental etc.), healing may be impeded or fractured. I continue to work in the field of mental health as it is my strong belief that emphasizing “the whole systems” aspects of an individual is a direct pathway to healing. Solving one problem will lead to the solutions of other problems or challenges. I hope to assist those I serve by collaborating with them and providing evidence-based guidance to professionally facilitate and support the healing journey.

I consider myself a “Systems” therapist with focus on the entirety of a client’s personal and unique situation while selecting what methods, approaches, or philosophies would be appropriate. This process is collaborative with the client and includes evidence-based practice (EBP) methodologies. Each approach is focused on principles and interventions that are supported by empirical evidence and are fashioned for the unique characteristics of the client. One example of an EBP is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on the client’s perceptions of events and their reactions and responses to the identified event. Interventions and approaches are fashioned to help clients identify their thoughts, feelings, and actions while completing exercises fashioned to redirect responses to perceived stressors. Unique communities that I enjoy working with include: elderly populations as well as those suffering with chronic pain, grief & Loss, LGBTQA+, gender dysphoria, Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety, depression, and work / professional related stress management.

The best value I bring as a therapist is a very diverse professional and advanced educational background in and outside of professional psychotherapy and many life experiences that have added to my understanding and empathy of the unique complexities of ourselves as humans. My personal journey includes, but is not limited to, private practice, clinical experience in the medical device implantable space, adult services in public mental health, and volunteering for various community organizations. I, myself, understand the experience of being “marginalized” professionally and personally which adds to my ability to build rapport and understanding with clients while supporting progress and the courage to actively facilitate change.

Lic # 42117

Mental Health Therapist

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