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Linda Stephens, LMFT

Telehealth Available

LICENSED IN: California

Pronouns: Sher/her/hers

Therapy Style: Empowering, Inquisitive, Warm

I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with 20+ years of professional experience. Working with a therapist helped me deal with major challenges and find healthier ways to cope with them. I like empowering clients to step outside their problems and find healthy ways to solve problems and improve their lives. This includes working with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, and children. I have experience helping clients with relationship issues (couple, parent-child, blended family issues), depression, disordered eating, coping with grief, loss, major life changes, issues of aging, and more. My therapy respects each client’s strengths and hard-earned knowledge, treating each person with sensitivity and compassion. I tailor our dialog and treatment plan to meet your needs and achieve your goals. I work on a foundation of Narrative Therapy and incorporate techniques from other evidence-based therapies as dictated by each client’s unique circumstances. I have a deep respect for the importance of family in each client’s journey to mental health. There is also a frequent need to help clients challenge and improve their thoughts and actions.

I feel a particular empathy for people facing major changes. I am especially drawn to middle-aged and older clients. Having experienced the breakdown of a marriage, the loss of an adult child, the death of a husband, and the increasing loss of abilities that aging brings, I enjoy supporting this population in taking back control of their lives. Having experienced the ups and downs of infertility, fertility treatment, and adoption, I have an interest in working with individuals and couples facing similar challenges. As a woman who has experienced many major changes, I enjoy working with women at all stages of life who are working to clarify their life path. As a mother, I empathize with parents struggling to rear healthy, well-balanced children.

My experience includes working as a primary therapist in residential treatment facilities, one for adolescent boys and the other for young girls. This included working with the children’s parents to improve the family situation in the hope that the children could be returned to a healthier home situation. I have worked in an eating disorder treatment facility and several chemical dependency treatment programs.

Lic # 41878

Mental Health Therapist

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