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Julianne Tyler, APCC

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Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Creative, Non-judgmental, Warm

I aspire to create a safe and supportive environment for my clients. I seek to actively listen and provide empathy and compassion as they explore and process their thoughts and emotions. Through collaboration, I aim to assist them in developing personalized and effective strategies to navigate life’s challenges. Ultimately, my goal is to empower my clients, serving as a source of support as they work towards their personal growth and well-being. I aim to create a safe space for individuals to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship by offering empathy and unconditional positive regard. I primarily use a Client-centered/Strength-based approach, Existential therapy, attachment theory, and play therapy. However, I incorporate various methods to meet clients at their level and support their personal growth. I have significant experience in providing mental health therapy to children and adolescents. I also have experience in supporting children with learning disabilities, anxiety, behavioral issues, low self-esteem, and family conflict. Additionally, I am interested in working with couples and adults. I have earned a master’s degree in School and Clinical Counseling, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology. For the past three years, I have had the privilege of working within the school system, offering therapeutic support to children and families. This experience has deepened my understanding of the complex challenges faced by children and families and has strengthened my ability to address these challenges in a supportive and empathetic manner.

Lic # 8046

Registered Associate Mental Health Therapist receiving Supervision at Foresight Mental Health

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