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Joan Greenberg-Abramsky, LCSW

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LICENSED IN: California

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Affirming, Collaborative, Empowering

My passion for partnering with others to experience the highest quality of life possible is what motivates my work as a clinician. In doing so, my hope is to support clients on breaking away from unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior, while replacing them with uplifting ones that lead to more functional, satisfying existences. Exploring the causes of dysfunctional conduct is a major part of the healing process, which includes working through trauma, to rightfully expose it, and move from victim to survivor.

I mostly utilize Rogerian, biblical, cognitive/dialectical behavioral, and motivational interviewing treatments in my practice, which I find most effective. Though I enjoy all populations, due to my Jewish/Christian faith, I have a strong affinity for those who are followers of Messiah Y’shua (Hebrew name for Jesus) and open to learning the powerful, biblical principles of healing. Also, people with developmental challenges, (i.e., intellectual, neurological, etc.), anxiety, depression, substance-use struggles and mental illness are among those with whom I have a high success rate, including dual diagnoses or multiple complexities.

As an undergrad studying psychology, I contributed to a study on identify research (Waterman and Waterman, l985, Trenton State College). In both my personal and professional journey, one of the most significant revelations to arise is the toxicity that harboring resentment presents to peoples’ mental/physical health. Hence, a critical part of processing trauma is forgiveness toward those who cause even the most horrific harm (this merely refers to releasing inner hostility that damages one’s body, not reconciling with the oppressor, which is often unsafe). Self-medicating with substances is another means of dangerous coping, when individuals choose to bury their trauma, because speaking of it feels too unbearable; however, such behavior leads to devastating consequences, including spiritual and physical decay that may not be reversible. Thus, having a safe means of unpacking and healing from these events is essential.

Lic # 100979

Mental Health Therapist

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