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Erika Cole, LMFT

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LICENSED IN: California

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Empowering, Holistic, Warm

I am drawn to the field of mental health by my belief in the innate healing potential of individuals and my desire to help them lead more vibrant lives. I am deeply fascinated by the resilience of the human spirit and approach each person’s journey with profound empathy for life’s challenges. My work is centered on nurturing the inherent innocence within each individual, guiding them towards a deeper connection with their core self, which is whole and healed. I find great joy in empowering others to access their inner resilience and develop coping strategies that promote healing and well-being. I can see beyond the pain and suffering and this naturally uplifts clients to get out of their pain and suffering.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in humanistic principles and trauma-informed care. I am passionate about integrating mindfulness and breathwork into my practice, offering clients practical tools to manage their symptoms effectively. Utilizing my natural intuition, I tailor my approach to each individual, drawing from a range of psychological modalities including narrative therapy, attachment theory, CBT, DBT, relational therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and others. My goal is to provide an integrative, holistic approach that addresses the unique needs of each person, supporting their journey towards healing and wholeness.

As someone who has often felt like an outcast or ‘the weird one’ during my own upbringing, I am deeply drawn to working with communities that are often seen as outliers in society. I have a special affinity for dreamers, artists, outlaws, and eccentrics. Over the past three years, I have dedicated myself to building community and fostering relationships through a Tea Temple, creating spaces and events that nurture a sense of belonging. I believe in embracing the full spectrum of the human journey, including its unique and eccentric aspects. I have been in a handful of podcasts centered around psychedelic therapy and trauma. I have had a couple of blog articles published as well. I have led breathwork events at expos and festivals.

My approach is intuitive and holistic and this is a bridge from my personal healing journey and studying intuitive arts most my life. I love to blend modern approaches with ancient practices to address the whole person. I embody the wounded healer archetype, having been through intense childhood trauma & poverty, and continue to do the work associated with that journey. Additionally, I have healed Lyme disease, Cyclothymia, and chronic anxiety. This allows me to show up with deep authentic compassion and keeps me devoted to self care and reflection.

Lic # 130643

Mental Health Therapist

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