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Desiree Lewis, LPC

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Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Collaborative, Solution-Oriented, Warm

I enjoy meeting clients and helping them to achieve their objectives and goals. I hope to hold space for my clients to share openly without judgment and find resolutions to their presenting issues. I use a Person-centered approach to therapy which is based on the belief that clients have the capacity for growth and self-actualization. I take a holistic approach which means I look at the whole person and all of the factors that influence the presenting issues. I use a number of different interventions including, PIT Model, SFBT, CPT, Mindfulness as appropriate. I enjoy working with adults and I have experience in addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic pain, codependency, relationship issues and comorbidity as well as career coaching. I also created and was featured in a yoga video that sold worldwide. Yoga is a proven intervention for resolving trauma. I’ve learned so much in my role as a therapist. I often say, “Everything I needed to learn I learned in treatment.” There are countless topics that every young person should learn that somehow, we don’t until we are struggling. For example, how to use appropriate boundaries or coping skills to manage stress.

Lic # 19805

Mental Health Therapist

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