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Deborah Cook, LMFT

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LICENSED IN: California

In my practice you will be provided Person Centered Services designed to meet your unique needs. You will discover that your life “narratives” may leave you overwhelmed and close to drowning. My job is to collaborate, normalize and empower you from staying submerged in the water. I am warm, direct, and interactive with the purpose of helping you take the lead to make the best decisions for your growth, and self-development. You will be encouraged to build a sustainable echo system for mental health and coping skills for healthy living. I have been in community and private practice for over 37 years. I am an adult child of alcoholic parents and have grown to understand that people bring past difficult experiences into their present-day relationships. This has shaped my clinical practice to help survivors of trauma understand the influence of past experiences and past trauma on their current relationships. I have been honored to work with families experiencing substance abuse, foster care, residential care, homelessness, hoarding, academic problems, integrated health and mental health in domestic and international community settings. I am a lifelong learner, amazed by the resilience of those that I have served and their brilliance in teaching me life lessons.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 22130

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