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Darlene Logan, AMFT

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Pronouns: She/her/hers

Therapy Style: Direct, Empowering, Non-judgmental

Mental Health has become a HUGE factor in the world since COVID-19. I am so glad that people have become more aware of the need for mental health services and that being diagnosed with a mental illness doesn’t stop you from thriving in life. I advocate for mental health services and will continue to let communities know that there are people that care and who are willing to provide continued services through therapy and medication if needed.

Motivational Interviewing is one that comes natural to me. I also love using DBT, especially Radical Acceptance. I believe in assisting individuals to understand and learn from the past. Although past decisions can’t be changed, you can accept, learn, and grow from them. During my journey as a therapist, I’ve had the joy of working with populations ranging from children to geriatrics, from homeless to housed, and from inpatient to outpatient. I find working with these populations rewarding and it has allowed me to learn and grow as a therapist. All communities are essential and important to work with, however, if we are able to assist adolescents and younger before they reach adulthood, they have a better chance of being successful in managing their mental health and emotions. I’ve been called a realist and a honest therapist. I know things happen in life that turn us off course. I will be honest with every word and intervention I provide you while assisting you back onto the road you choose that is best for your life.

Lic # 123959

Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist receiving Supervision at Foresight Mental Health

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