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Casey Subero, LPCC

Telehealth Available

LICENSED IN: California

My ideal client would be someone who is interested in using therapy as an outlet to deal with challenges such as but not limited to anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or everyday life challenges. Their goal would be to make some changes according to their goals and values in life. I specialize in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), therefore, clients and I would set goals for them to reach and explore if their current behavior coincides with what one says they want to accomplish. My job would be to help one see the consequences of staying the same or what making changes for the better would look like for them. We all have a story and separate challenges we go through mentally while our story develops. Every day we do things to take care of ourselves, from our homes, cars, family, physical body and often times we avoid seeking mental health treatment. I think it’s time for people to start taking care of their minds and make it as common as a dental appointment.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
LIC NO. 11627

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