Thomas Tae, PMHNP

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
LIC NO. 95011784

My name is Thomas Tae. I have been working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner for approximately three years. I started my career at a community health center working with a variety of diagnoses. I moved onto a private practice clinic afterwards that specialized in ADHD treatment. I also work for a Nonprofit Korean Clinic that serves the marginalized community. I believe that treating mental health disorder should be holistic where multiple modalities are encouraged to address symptoms. Therefore, I am fairly conservative with how I prescribe medications as I believe in the importance of nonpharmacologic interventions in complementing treatment. I have experience working with a variety of mental disorders, but I have the most experience treating depression, anxiety, bipolar, and ADHD. I believe in a therapeutic approach that empowers patients to help them understand why they are experiencing symptoms and to encourage positive change so that they may feel renewed.