Lonnie Matz, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
LIC NO. 16933

Hello! I am a caring and empathic counselor with over 15 years of experience helping a wide variety of populations. I believe we all have the capability for positive change in our lives and by choosing to think differently about our circumstances we can begin to feel better even when those around us remain the same. My approach to counseling is largely based on the early work of Carl Rodgers and his “client centered” approach which involves unconditional positive regard for clients and a belief that people are capable of solving their own problems with greater awareness. I have experience working with individuals, children, families, couples and other systems and specialize in treating relational conflict, depression/anxiety, psychotic disorders, co-occurring disorders, OCD/ADHD and a range of other conditions. I have worked in private practice, child welfare agencies, non profit organizations and other settings which can aid in connecting clients with any available outside resources in their communities.