Janet Dion, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC NO. 34073

Do you feel seen, heard and understood? I value the wisdom within each person; often a person doesn’t realize it in themselves. There is kindness and power in being witnessed, acknowledged and understood in a reflective way. This reflective way allows for the possibility of choosing differently without guilt or shame. Life can feel demanding. Stress, grief, frustration, unrest, overwhelm can make it difficult to navigate day to day and larger life decisions. How is your internal world? Are you creating your life by the ways that you perceive, respond, behave? Maybe some areas of your life are more clear than others. Together we can understand patterns of thought and behavior to create a life which reflects more of who you are now. In my 23 years of experience as an LMFT, I have cultivated the ability to connect with clients and invite them to a deeper understanding of themselves, relationships and choices. Depending on the needs of the client, I incorporate meditative practices, body awareness, belief awareness and corresponding emotional responses. I work with you to create individualized self support practices and behaviors to support you in your day to day life. Life seems to ask us to change, adapt, shift, choose, let go, create. Sometimes fear puts up a wall. Let me support you in facing it and expanding beyond it. The expansion can be fun. Revealing the purposeful nature of each person uniquely is exciting work. Let’s do it together.