Frederick Fearday

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LIC NO. SW3162

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 35 years of experience working primarily with adults. I received my Masters Degree from the Univerisity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaing in 1980. Since then I have worked at an in-patient unit, a community mental health center, a unvivesity research and training center, and at a Veteran Affairs hospital. My backgound also includes graduate teaching and clinical research. I believe that is is imperative to develop a strong therapeutic relationship in which clients feel supported and safe as they seek to address their mental health challenges. I seek to understand a client’s personal values, perspectives and life story and how that influences their current situation. Importantly, I will want to know a client’s strengths and what motivates them for change to develp a . a plan of care responsicve to each person’s unique needs. I usa a variety of clinical approaches that are infomred by Cognitve Behaviaal Thereapy and Motivational Inteviewing. I want to help clients identify specific goals to achieve in therapy and have a clear understanding on how we will work to achieve them. In this process, I will find it important to repeatedly review with cients if therapy is meeting their needs.