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Work with purpose

Amplify your reach

Your role as a mental health care clinician is essential to the well-being of the people we serve, our clients. And our collaborative culture and diverse community of clinicians makes it possible for you to amplify your impact—both in caring for our clients and lessening the stigma surrounding mental health.

Our purpose here is to empower people to be healthier and happier. And our promise to all clinicians who join us is to recognize the incredible work you do every day, and make sure you feel as supported and cared for as the people you tend to.

We’ve cultivated a unique community of clinicians here, where support for what you do is as vital as the care you give.

A unique clinical model

When you join Foresight, you’re part of a connected team of licensed therapists, psychiatric specialists and wellness support professionals that functions as a network, offering comprehensive outpatient services to our clients through virtual and in-person visits.

Dedicated support

We help you focus on doing what you love—treating and caring for clients—with a team that helps manage administrative aspects such as scheduling and billing.

Better benefits

Your work here is meaningful to the people we serve—and to us. We help you tend your own well-being through wide-ranging benefits that support you personally and professionally.

Supporting the ways you care

Paid time off

We balance your work time with time to recharge. Rest and relaxation are essential to your well-being.

Health care

Our comprehensive plans help you and your family stay well and cared for.

401k + match

We’re invested in your future, and appreciate your investment in caring for our clients.

Workplace options

While we’re fully virtual right now due to COVID-19, we’ll support in-person, virtual and hybrid models in the near future. And we have online tools to stay connected and supported.

Growth opportunities

We foster a culture of openness and learning, without bias or ego, and help you pursue your career path in clinical leadership and research, group facilitation, clinician education and more.

Interested in joining us?

A culture of collaboration

We believe strongly in collaboration and consultation among our clinicians so that we can deliver the most beneficial care to clients—as well as build a community of well-supported clinicians who can grow with the organization. And we’re committed to cultivating an internal culture that allows us to support each other every step of the way while holding space for new and different perspectives.

Broader access

We’re working daily to make mental health care more accessible and affordable. We’re opening more clinics across the country. And we’re partnering with insurance companies to get our clinicians credentialed and in network.

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