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Additional treatment and support

Sometimes, you need additional care or treatment to help you move forward on your path. Alongside therapy and psychiatry, we also offer ADHD Testing.

IVA-2 CPT ADHD Testing

The Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA-2 CPT) is software that helps clinicians test and evaluate both visual and auditory attention and response control functioning. It allows providers to evaluate the various factors needed to accurately diagnose ADHD in accordance with DSM-5 guidelines.


At Foresight, this virtual testing option, or other approved neuropsychological testing, is required in order to receive stimulant medications for adults 18+. The service is available for as young as six years old but is optional for children and adolescents unless diagnostic clarity is needed by the provider. Please note: IVA-2 CPT is not intended to replace a full neuropsychological evaluation and may not be sufficient testing for certain entities. Check with your provider or the entity requesting neurological testing to be certain IVA-2 CPT is the correct testing for your specific needs. Additionally, results do not guarantee particular treatment but serve to guide practitioners' treatment plan. Treatment is individualized and determined by multiple factors.


How to request IVA-2 CPT testing


At this time, IVA-2 testing is only conducted by referral from one of our psychiatrists. If you are interested in this service and are new to Foresight, please fill out THIS appointment request form and select psychiatry. If you are an existing patient, please discuss with your psychiatry provider at your next visit. 


IVA-2 CPT service pricing


  • Testing: $200 

  • Follow-Up Appointment with Psychiatry Provider: Based on patient insurance 

  • No-Show or Late Cancellation: No refunds given for no-show or late cancellations 

  • Additional testing sessions will require additional payment

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