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Leveraging Technology to Improve Your Well-being

Foresight is transforming the quality and efficiency of mental healthcare

By examining your comprehensive patient profile, a vast database of scientific research, and expert clinicians, we deliver personalized care to help you reach your optimal well-being.

Your Personalized Patient Profile

Your treatment begins with an analysis of vital information including your genetic profile, comprehensive symptom profile, and brain-chemical balance estimates. Adding data such as mental health history, family history, and lifestyle (just to name a few) enables us to build your personalized patient profile.

Evidence-based Treatment

Your personal profile is built which is uploaded to the Foresight Platform TM, which then analyzes hundreds of thousands of pages of clinical research to assist your doctor in accurately and quickly identify the optimal treatment for you.

We see amazing results for our members and are able to adjust the care rapidly if we aren’t making progress.


* The graph is based on our own data.

Caring and Data-Driven Providers

Our board-certified psychiatrists and licensed therapists work with you so you can meet your mental health goals. Our technology enhances our expert providers giving them a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

We Accept You and Your Insurance

Foresight seeks to accept your health plan. We believe paying $400 an hour to see someone who asks how you’re feeling and scribbles a hopeful prescription is inefficient and ineffective. Our goal is to make quality mental healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone.


Please review our Insurance Page to learn more about how insurance works at Foresight.

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